07 December 2010

Review: You Dropped A Blonde On Me by Dakota Cassidy

Title: You Dropped A Blonde On Me
Author: Dakota Cassidy
Series: Ex Trophy Wives #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 7, 2010
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Edition: Trade Paperback
Source: Publisher

She was the perfect party-planning, haute-to-the max trophy wife. Now Maxine Cambridge is broke, unemployable and living with her mother and teenage son in a retirement village, with her self-esteem kicked to the curb.

Until her geeky former classmate Campbell Barker returns, all grown-up- and off-the-scale smokin' hot. Campbell refuses to believe Max isn't that smart, funny girl he's crushed on since high school. The more Max tries to show him he's wrong, the more she rediscovers her long-retired mojo. Now, she's ready to throw down some payback on her ex-life and fight for what she deserves...

At the beginning of this book we have Max, who after a really messy almost divorce is trying to pick up the pieces of her life. She has a lot of support from her mother, her son, her best friend Len, who also happens to be the sister of the woman Max's ex is now engaged to and Campbell, a really nice guy who is trying to show Max what being in a relationship really means. By the way, in this book support
most of the time means a good kick in the ass.

Max grows a lot through the book, from an emotionally injured woman to one that knows exactly what she wants and isn't afraid of going after it. Reading about her journey was so much fun, from the discovery of Walmart to her job as a bingo dealer, the book got better as you read.

One of my favourite characters was Max's son. He didn't agree to what his father was doing and wasn't afraid to call him on it. Another big favourite was Len. She has her own love story in this book, but to tell you the truth, I wish the author could have given her a full novel. Her interactions with Adam, her love interest, were very interesting, and sometimes I just didn't want her to stop narrating.

All in all, this was a great beginning of a funny new series full of snark and accidental love. I'll definitely check the second book out!

Memorable Lines:

"Omigod, Ma! Looook!" she squealed, ignoring the inquiring stay-at-home moms turning toward her in clusters of frayed ponytails. "I found tampons. They're the good ones, too. The ones for heavy-flow days. Two boxes for five dollars!" She grinned, pride beaming on her face as she waved the boxes at her mother. They qualified as a necessity, and better still,they fit into her budget. Two boxes of tampons would last her at least four months.
Oh, happy period.

Next Book:
2. Burning Down the Spouse (July 5, 2011)



Blodeuedd said...

Fun review :) I have wanted to try Cassidy for some time now, well her PNR series at least

Karen said...

I love Dakota Cassidy's writing - I can't wait to read this one.

Kelly aka yllektra(I Work For Books) said...

Oh, wow!
I haven't heard of this book before but I really love the title and the cover and, of course, your review!