14 December 2010

Review: Day of the Dragon by Rebecca York

Title: Day of the Dragon
Author: Rebecca York
Series: -
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: December 7, 2010
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Source: Publisher

The search for clues to an ancient civilization sends Ramsey to an archaeology conference in Las Vegas where he meets Dr. Madison Dartmoor. Her current dig in Italy has put her in mortal danger, and when Ramsey saves her from thugs bent on stealing a copy of a startling artifact, the two of them team up to unearth the secrets of an ancient civilization. As their relationship heats up, Ramsey guards his own secrets that may tear him and Madison apart or save their lives.

Apparently this book was the first one of a new series by the author, but the truth is that the hero is first seen in the last book of her Moon series, Dragon Moon. You could follow the story pretty well, the only problem was that, while you get some background on the hero, I felt like a lot of his story was missing and that made me not like Ramsey much.

The heroine, Madison, is written as clever and strong, but her actions say otherwise. I think she makes pretty dumb mistakes and she's also very naive. There's a part in the book where she is arguing with the hero and the next thing you know she forgets all about it and goes and hugs him. While I understand that declaring their feelings for each other is big thing, I just couldn't understand why she let the subject drop and then went on as if everything was fine.
The romance between the two of them felt rushed and not at all believable. The truth is that I didn't see the love they had for one another. Their relationship was very cold, in my opinion.

I knew who the bad guy was since the beginning, so there wasn't a lot of mystery in that department. The only thing that was interesting were the parts that dealt with the dragons' history, but at the end there wasn't much information on them.

In short, it took me three times to finish the book and in my opinion it wasn't that good. For me, there were some scenes that were unnecesary and the romance between the main characters felt cold and rushed. Maybe you'll enjoy it more if you've read the author's Moon series.

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