18 February 2010

Review: To Die For by Linda Howard

To Die For by Linda Howard
Blair Mallory #1

Blair Mallory lives the good life. She’s pretty, confident, and the owner of a thriving up-scale fitness center. But in the shadow of success, a troubled member of the club develops a strange fixation on Blair, imitating her style and dress. Matters take a darker turn when the look-alike is shot dead–and Blair witnesses the horror.

As the media speculates on the tawdry details of the homicide and pushes Blair into the harsh spotlight, she locks horns with police lieutenant Wyatt Bloodsworth. He wants to lead an investigation without interference, while Blair is determined to probe the dead woman’s life on her own. But when someone begins to menace Blair with mounting threats, Wyatt takes notice: Was this murder indeed a lethal case of mistaken identity–and was Blair the intended victim?

Blair Mallory is the owner of the gym "Great Bods". One night, while she's closing, she hears a shot and witness the murder of a member of the gym. When the police arrive, they question her but decide that she wasn't the killer, but before she can leave Wyatt Bloodsworth appears. He is a police lieutenant and also a former "boyfriend" of Blair's. At this point the book was good, but then it starts going down hill.

They start fighting the first time they see each other and they never stop for the rest of the story. Wyatt doesn't want Blair to leave town, but she does anyway when she realizes that the killer may go after her when she is named a witness of the crime. She goes to the beach and ignores all calls, but the day after she arrives there Wyatt appears telling her that she shouln't have left and the next thing you know, they are having sex. This is very frustrating because Wyatt, after being on 2 dates with Blair 2 years before, decides not to call her back, and then when she witness the murder he discovers that she is the woman of his life. After 2 years without any contact?! Does that mean that if she hand't been in any danger he wouldn't have found out that she was his perfect woman?

Anyway, they come back to their town and someone tries to kill Blair but instead injures her. The ambulance takes her to the hospital and there they treat her, and Wyatt "convinces" Blair to stay with him until the murdered has been catched.

The characters on this book set my nerves on edge. Blair complains about everything, the plants, the car, how is unfair that Wyatt doesn't want to stop to have sex with her, ... Wyatt is selfish and a jerk. When you find out why he left Blair you will want to hit him.

There are good things in this book, like Blair's mother and the scene with the chief of police.
The mystery is a let down. I knew who the killer was since the beginning. If you read this book, don't expect action or suspense. This is a romantic comedy with a touch of mystery.
This book was a little disapointing since I was expecting a romantic thriller.
I would recommend this book to people who want a funny, light and entertaining book.