09 February 2010

Review: The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Meghan Chase has never fit in at her small-town high school, and now, on the eve of her 16th birthday, she discovers why. When her half brother is kidnapped, Meghan is drawn into a fantastical world she never imagined--the world of Faery, where anything you see may try to eat you, and Meghan is the daughter of the summer faery king. Now she will journey into the depths of Faery to face an unknown enemy . . . and beg the help of a winter prince who might as soon kill her as let her touch his icy heart. The Iron King is the first book in the Iron Fey series.

When I started this book I didn't have any expectations. This debut novel was a great surprise. Meghan is a believable character, she's not perfect but I think that's one of the things that make me like her the most. We have a lot of secondary characters like Prince Ash, who was mysterious and cool, Puck, who was the prankster and of course Grimalkin, the very intelligent cat.
Sometimes I wished for this novel to go a little faster, and in some scenes I wanted Meghan to do something useful instead of being paralized or shocked, and also, I wanted her to stop for a minute and think. There were some questions she should have ask sooner and that frustrated me a little. The worldbuilding was great and I enjoyed reading about the different creatures that were in the NeverNever. There were some mysteries resolved, but some were left for the next books. There was a cliffhanger at the end, but it was one I can live with. After I finished reading this novel all I wanted to do was read the next one. I would recommend it to everyone who is a paranormal and a YA fan.



Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

I have this book on my list to get in the future. It does look like an enjoyable read. I am really curious to see what I may think of it.

heidenkind said...

EVERYONE is talking about this book on twitter lately. I definitely need to add it to my TBR pile.