12 February 2010

Review: Street Magic by Caitlin Kittredge

Street Magic by Caitlin Kittredge

Her name is Pete Caldecott. She was just sixteen when she met Jack Winter, a gorgeous, larger-than-life mage who thrilled her with his witchcraft. Then a spirit Jack summoned killed him before Pete’s eyes—or so she thought. Now a detective , Pete is investigating the case of a young girl kidnapped from the streets of London. A tipster’s chilling prediction has led police directly to the child…but when Pete meets the informant, she’s shocked to learn he is none other than Jack. Strung out on heroin, Jack a shadow of his former self. But he’s able to tell Pete exactly where Bridget’s kidnappers are hiding: in the supernatural shadow-world of the fey. Even though she’s spent years disavowing the supernatural, Pete follows Jack into the invisible fey underworld, where she hopes to discover the truth about what happened to Bridget—and what happened to Jack on that dark day so long ago…

Street Magic is a novel I couldn't stop reading. Since the beginning when we meet Pete, and then when she finds Jack, we can see the connection between them. When Pete finds Jack, he's a junkie who lives on the streets but there's something very clear, he hates her, but she needs his help to find out what happened to the children. Pete has denied her magic for a long time and has to adjust quickly to the side of the world Jack is showing her. Soon we find out that nothing is what it seems and that old issues will have to be resolved.
What I liked so much about this book is that the protagonists are very different from what I've read before. Jack is a one of a kind hero and Pete is a kick-ass woman who always says what's on her mind. I liked that the setting was in London, instead of New York, Chicago or L.A. but one of the problems I had was the language. I'm not against cursing in the books I read, but in this one sometimes it was a bit exagerated. It look like in every phrase they spoke there was a curse word. Also,I felt like the ending was a little rushed, but it tied up almost all the loose ends.
All in all I really liked this book, and I can't wait to see what happens in the next one.



Moonsanity said...

Thanks for the review! I just read the first book in her other series Nocturne City, and wondered what this one was like. I'm not sure I've read much that took place in London so that should be cool!

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

I really enjoyed the banter between Jack and Pete myself. I really liked the story and growth of Pete too. I am currently working on book 2 Demon Bound. I'm not far but hoping to be done with it by the beginning of next week.