09 June 2010

Interview: Chloe Neill + Giveaway

Today, Fiction Kingdom is having it's first interview. Our first guest is Chloe Neill.

Hi Chloe, thanks for being here today.

Hi, Arantza! Thanks for having me!

- Do you have a specific time & place for writing?

I have a day job, so I usually write in the evenings before bed, usually in bed with my laptop while the dogs settle

- What do you do when you need to disconnect from writing the books?

I stop writing altogether! After I've finished a deadline, I'll usually spend a month or two not writing at all. I find I
really need the time to do something else--return to the world, I guess.

- What project are you working on right now? Can you give us a few details?

I'm about to start editing HEXBOUND, the second book in my Dark Elite series. It's a really fun novel with a lot of fun "DIY" magic, and it will be released in January 2011. I'm also writing the fourth book in my Chicagoland Vampires series, which will probably be released in July 2011.

- Since Merit was changed into a vampire in Book 1 her friendship with Mallory has seen a few rocky moments. How is that going to affect their friendship? Are they going to have more problems now that Merit is living with the vampires?

I think all the character are learning to evolve and adapt because of their circumstances. Becoming a vampire--and one of Ethan's vampires--has definitely been a big change for Merit. Mallory has her magic to deal with, as well as Catcher, who's a handful on his own. I certainly hope that they can learn to work through the big changes in their lives and maintain their relationship.

- One of my favourite characters has always been Jeff. Are we going to find out more about him in Book 3?

Thanks! I love Jeff, as well. We might, possibly, meet Jeff's love interest in TWICE BITTEN. But that's all I'm saying! :)

- In the first 2 books shapeshifters were only mention (apart from Jeff). Is that because vampires and shapeshifters don't get along? Or maybe the vampires don't care about them?

Vamps and shifters didn't get along, due to some events in their past. But they also have very different attitudes about the world; vamps are very political, and shifters don't like politics. Vampires think shifters are lazy, and shifters think vampires are drama queens. But changing circumstances sometimes require enemies to rethink their positions.

- What can you tell is about Gabriel Keene, the shapeshifter leader?

He's tall, handsome, devoted to his wife, and very much an alpha male. :)

- There is a big difference between Merit's grandfather and the rest of her family. Is there a familial conflict in the horizon?

Where Chuck and Joshua Merit are concerned, there's always a conflict on the horizon. But as events escalate in Chicago, I think we'll definitely see them come to a head.

- After reading the books, everyone seems to choose a favourite between Catcher and Ethan (I personally prefer Jeff). Why do you think they're so popular?

Personally, I like Catcher because he's very confident in who and what he is, and while he definitely has a sense of humor, he's not going to change himself for anyone. Ethan, although he's sometimes an insensitive lout, has a very strong sense of protection for his vampires. He must learn, of course, how to deal with his affections for one particular vampire. We'll see if he can rise to the challenge.

- Is Celina going to give trouble soon?

Absolutely. We spend a lot of time in TWICE BITTEN learning about shifters, but trouble is definitely on the horizon, and Celina's right in the middle of it.

- Have we seen the end of Merit's relationship with Morgan? Is he going to fight for her?

Oooh, definitely can't answer that one. Folks will have to read TWICE BITTEN to find out!

Thanks so much for having me today!

Thanks again to Chloe for being here today.

Twice Bitten it's the 3rd book of the Chicagonland Vampires series and will be released on July 6th.

She's also giving away a swag pack of Twice Bitten to a commenter.
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I am going to be re-reading the first two books in prep for the 6th! :D Love them.. Team Ethan! :D Great interview, gave a little, but no spoilers :D

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