19 July 2011

Review: Spellbound by Cara Lynn Shultz

Title: Spellbound
Author: Cara Lynn Shultz
Series: -
Genre: YA

Release Date: June 28, 2011
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Edition: Paperback
Source: Bought

Life hasn't been easy on sixteen-year-old Emma Connor, so a new start in New York may be just the change she needs. But the posh Upper East Side prep school she has to attend? Not so much. Friendly faces are few and far between, except for one that she's irresistibly drawn to—Brendan Salinger, the guy with the rock-star good looks and the richest kid in school, who might just be her very own white knight.

But even when Brendan inexplicably turns cold, Emma can't stop staring. Ever since she laid eyes on him, strange things have been happening. Streetlamps go out wherever she walks, and Emma's been having the oddest dreams: visions of herself in past lives—visions that warn her to stay away from Brendan. Or else.

I read this book in one sitting. The pacing was fast from beginning to end and I was pulled into the story from the very first page.
I liked that this was a stand alone novel, rare these days, and that while it does involve the paranormal, it doesn't eclipse the rest of the story.

The characters had strong and distinctive personalities and it was very interesting seeing them evolve through the book.
While the romance between Emma and Brendan was sweet, at times it was clichéd, including a denial that what was happening was real and the hero giving the cold shoulder to the heroine out of the blue (which, by the way, really frustrated me).

Emma was a strong character and I liked that after all that happened to her in the past she still could be a funny, snarky girl instead of being filled with angst.
As for Brendan, he was at times a really nice guy, but others, he was a jerk. It doesn't mean that I didn't like him, it's just that I'm kind of tired of those kind of heroes in nowadays books.

This was a fast paced book with a little bit of magic and a whole lot of romance.
In other words, to me, it was a perfect comfort read.



Lisa Mandina said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and following and entering my contest! I'm following you back now. I'll be announcing my winner tomorrow, so check back to see.

I loved this book as well. Check out my review of it here: http://misclisa.blogspot.com/2011/05/spellbound-by-cara-lynn-shultz.html

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Oh great review. I like that its a stand alone as well. That really isn't seen much these days. Thanks for the great review!

Anonymous said...

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