15 July 2010

Review: Close Encounters by Katherine Allred

Title: Close Encounters
Author: Katherine Allred
Series: Alien Affairs #1
Genre: Sci Fi
Release Date: April 1, 2009
Edition: Paperback

Kiera Smith is not like ordinary Genetically Engineered Persons…

The Bureau of Alien Affairs needed a special GEP agent with empathic abilities to handle their most extraordinary assignments--and a rogue geneticist saw to it that Kiera fit their specifications. But she turned out stronger, faster, smarter, and more impervious to harm than anyone anticipated. A reluctant “superhero,” Kiera wishes she were normal, but it is not to be.

On Orpheus 2, the indigenous Buri race faces extinction, a prospect the powerful Dynatec corporation welcomes and, in fact, may be actively hastening. As a special agent for the Bureau of Alien Affairs, it is Kiera’s job to protect these beautiful, exotic aliens…and to discover what there is on Orpheus 2 that Dynatec feels is worth killing for.

But the magnetic allure of the breathtaking Buri leader is proving a dangerous distraction. And now, to save Thor’s people, Kiera will need a power she’s never before possessed--something hidden in the unexplored recesses of her heart.

This is only the second Sci Fi book I've read, but it's quickly becoming one of my favourite genres. The story started with a nice pace, although at some points I wished more things happened and that some scenes were cut shorter.

Kiera is a GEP (Genetic Engineered Person) who is unique among her own. Her extra abilities permit her to at least communicate with other species, even though she doesn't speak the same language. That's why she immediately connects with "Thor", the leader of the Buri race, while she tries to help them from becoming an extinct species.
Kiera has a giant cat, who is very clever and accompanies her to almost everywhere and Max, a ship with artificial intelligence.

Thor is the leader of his race. He's responsible, arrogant and always tries his best when it concerns his people or the ones he loves.
At the beginning, the relationship between Kiera and Thor seemed a little forced, but as the story moved along, things clicked into place.

The threat of Dynatec didn't work as well as it should've. I expected much more of them and at the end, that plot became secondary to the story line of the Buri race and the love between Kiera and Thor.

The world the author created was very similar to ours, except the place Kiera came from was more technologicaly advanced. There were supposed to be very different species, but almost all of them seemed to be the same, except they were more evolved. The only thing that I really liked was the little dragons: they were fun and they're description sounded beautiful.

All in all, it was a very interesting start of a series that focuses on the GEP, and I definitely want to read more about them and maybe get glipses of Kiera's life with the Buri.

Memorable Lines:

Instantly, the big guy roared a command tha forze Brownie in his tracks. He glowered in his leader's direction while they exchange a series of grunts and growls, then three sets of eyes lowered to my chest.

"I think they just realized that you are female," Max commented in my ear.

With a smile, a propped my hands on my hip and thrust my boobs aout so there would be no doubts on their minds. Hey, they might not be my best feature, but I was proud of what I had.

Brownie groaned and shut his eyes, humiliation on every line of his body. Not only had he got his butt whipped, it had been a female who'd done the job.

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Rating: 1/2